Four On-Trend Inground Pool Options

When it comes to building a concrete pool, it’s always a good time of year to begin! They are incredibly durable and can be custom designed to your exact needs and property shape, so you know your home will benefit from an attractive pool that is completely unique! However, given the fact that you can create almost any design that your heart desires, it isn’t unusual to quickly feel overwhelmed – thankfully, we’re here to help you choose. No matter what your backyard shape or what you’re looking for in a swimming pool, we’re sure that you’ll find inspiration with four of our most popular inground-pools options.

1. Free Form

If you have an irregularly shaped property or you want to bring in an element of the organic, then a free form inground pool is the perfect option for your home. Designed to follow the natural curves of your backyard, they can be any shape you like! With the addition of rocks, hardwood timbers and attractive outdoor foliage, it’s easy to create a miniature oasis within your own home.

2. Courtyard

With homes becoming larger and larger, and property sizes shrinking, we often have less and less space in our backyards – but that doesn’t stop the desire for an inground pool! If this sounds like your property, then a courtyard style could be the perfect option! Smaller than standard sizes, these features offer an excellent place to take a dip in the height of summer, without swallowing up your already small backyard.

3. Infinity

If you want to turn your property into a five-star resort, then an infinity pool is the perfect choice for your home. Also referred to as negative edge, these inground pools feature a clever optical illusion that makes it appear as though the water is extending indefinitely into the horizon – ideal for those with stunning views to take advantage of. This is the result of careful plumbing, which sees the edging set a few millimetres below the water level, so the water continuously flows into a catchment basin below (before being cycled up into the main shell).

4. Lap

If you love to exercise but you’re tired of hitting the local gym every morning, then you might be looking for a way to stay fit within your own home! Rather than run around the block, consider swimming laps in your very own lap pool! Designed to be long and thin, they can be constructed indoors or out, and are the perfect choice for exercising or relaxing – whatever your mood dictates!

Whilst inground pools can be created in almost any shape that you desire, if you’re searching for a way to ensure your property is fashionable and on-trend, then we hope you’ve found inspiration in these designs. With over 25 years’ experience, we know exactly what our customers are looking for and how to meet their needs – even if they aren’t quite sure themselves! If you’re eager to dive into your new feature, then we recommend reaching out to the team at Eco Pools & Spas today!