How A Concrete Pool Can Add Value To Your Property

There is something quintessentially Australian about the backyard swimming pool. From a place for the family to congregate to a beautifully landscaped feature, there is no better way to enjoy long hot summer days. Before taking the plunge, however, you’ll want to be certain that a concrete pool is really going to add the value that you desire (particularly if there’s a chance that you’ll sell down the line).

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Whilst there’s no guarantee that a pool will boost the value of your property, there are a few factors that can make all the difference:
The location

It may sound counterintuitive, but living near the beach is actually one of the best reasons to add a swimming pool to your property. In these sorts of areas, water is simply a way of life and is embraced at all costs. Those who are attracted to the coastal lifestyle also tend to be more willing to pay big bucks for a home with such amenities (particularly a more modern style, such as a negative edge pool).

The climate

Living in a warmer climate will most certainly work to your advantage, if this is an addition you would like to make. You’ll find that pool ownership is more common in areas where the weather is hotter for longer – for example, it’s possible to take a dip almost year-round in Cairns where it’s fairly hot versus somewhere like Hobart where it’s relatively cool most of the year, even in the middle of summer.

The design

The type of construction can also affect how much value is added to your property. Whilst above-ground is the cheapest option, it's unlikely to add much value. An in-ground design, on the other hand, is more expensive but is also likely to add the most value to your home. A more modern and streamlined design (such as that offered by negative edge pools) will add even more value than the traditional in-ground pool.

The demographic

If you live in an area that is popular with buyers who may be interested in owning a pool (such as families with young children), it can be an added incentive that could really get your property over the line in terms of interest. The more interest your home garners, the higher the offer you are likely to receive.

The verdict

As you can see, adding a concrete pool to your backyard can add serious value to your property should you ever decide to move on. If you live in a warmer climate - areas where buyers are typically looking for a pool - this could be a really smart move for capitalising on your investment.

But don’t forget to take into account the value that your family will receive from being able to swim whenever the mood strikes or cool off when the mercury is on the rise. You can’t place a monetary value on this enjoyment, but it’s the most important one when choosing to enhance your backyard with a concrete pool.