Courtyard Pools

In Australia, we love spending time outside in the great outdoors, and having a pool on our property is a great way to take advantage of our beautiful climate. Unfortunately, shrinking block sizes and growing homes means we don’t always have the space for a traditional pool – which is where courtyard pools come in.

Why Courtyard Pools

If you love the idea of having a pool in your backyard, but simply don’t have the space, then a courtyard pool is a great way to add some ‘wow’ factor without going overboard. Designed for smaller properties and tricky spaces, our pools are custom built to your exact specifications.


Once you’ve taken the plunge, you’ll find there are so many options available when it comes to courtyard pools in Melbourne. Our award-winning team custom design each pool to whatever size, shape or depth you desire, meaning you’re only limited by your imagination.

As they are designed to fit within even the smallest of backyards, our pools are generally between 4m to 6m long, and 2m to 3m wide. You’ll have ample space to enjoy everything that comes with owning your own pool, from relaxing by its sides to jumping in a cooling off.

You can even turn your pool into the focal point of your backyard with a number of added features. Our personal favourites include water fountains or waterfalls, feature tiling or landscaping the surrounding area - we can work with you to turn any courtyard into your own private oasis.


Are these pools suitable for young families?

Given their smaller size, they often aren’t as deep as standard pools, making them ideal for children. However, all Australian safety standards require a fence around all pools, so by following these guidelines you’ll be keeping your family safe.

Can I exercise in my pool?

Given their size, many find it challenging to swim laps in courtyard pools. Yet with the installation of swim jets, you can swim against the current for as long as you want – whilst remaining stationary.

Do courtyard pools require extra maintenance?

No! They are far smaller than standard pools, meaning they need less maintenance and are cheaper to run. Many find them so affordable that they even have them heated all year round.

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