Infinity Pools

Do you want a feature that turns heads and adds value to your home, making you the envy of friends and family? You need an infinity pool. Also known as negative edge pools, these are the pinnacle in luxury, making any home feel like a five-star beachside resort.

Why Infinity Pools

If you’re lucky enough to have a spectacular view to take advantage of, then infinity edge pools could be the ideal addition to your home. They seamlessly blend the water with the horizon, producing the visual effect of your pool extending on into infinity.


You may be wondering how infinity pools achieve their optical illusion, but the answer is surprisingly simple. They have one or more exposed walls that are a fraction shorter than the water level – often only by millimetres – allowing the water to continuously flow over the sides of the pool. Rather than draining the water completely, there are inbuilt catchment basins below the exterior walls to catch the water as it spills over, before cycling it back into the main shell. In this sense, the water truly is flowing infinitely.

In our experience as infinity pool builders, we’ve found that they work best on sloped properties, as they often naturally have access to spectacular views, either of your neighbourhood, lush scenery, or ocean vistas. The more space you have to work with, the better your new pool will look, so don’t be afraid of committing to a large project.


Will my infinity pool last as long as more standard option?

Whilst they seem more complex, our team will undertake extensive structural and architectural engineering to offer you years of uninterrupted use.

Can you build an infinity pool on a sloped and difficult to reach block?

It’s true that a slope can be difficult to work with, but our team loves a challenge. At your initial consultation, we will work with you to pinpoint ways to save on costs from the earliest stage of the project.

If I don’t have a sloping block, is an infinity pool still possible?

With the right design, we believe anything is possible – infinity pools in Melbourne aren’t just for properties on a hill. We can create positive edge pools, faced toward your home instead.

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