Out of Ground Pools

If you have a sloping block or a decking space that you want to make use of, then look no further than out of ground pools. These offer a unique and luxurious solution to any property with a challenging shape, as they are custom built to your exact specifications.

Why Use Out Of Ground Pools

Having your very own spectacular pool on your property is a dream for many Australians, yet it’s one they often think they can’t obtain, thanks to a slopping block. Yet a pool doesn’t need to be inbuilt to be stunning. A custom design, created by our award-winning team, can be made to suit any block, connecting seamlessly with your home and landscaping.

Not to be confused with above ground pools, out of ground pools in Melbourne are generally built to meet an existing patio, deck or even your home itself. Transforming your outdoor entertaining area, they are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners with sloping blocks – where traditional inground pools aren’t an option.

With expert landscaping from our talented team, your new pool can become the focal point of your backyard. You’ll be able to look out across the surface of the water from your decking rather than looking down onto it, and with the right work done to your garden your pool will effortlessly complement your home.

With a sloping block comes challenges that aren’t apparent with other projects. Your inground pool will need to be adequately supported by the ground – alternatively, additional foundations can be added. We will work with you during our design process to uncover the best options for your home.


What finishes are available for the external walls?

There are a variety of finishes for you to choose from to ensure your pool complements your home. Generally, people prefer timber or stone cladding for maximum durability.

What sort of landscaping will need to be done?

This is dependent on the amount of work required to keep your pool grounded. If it can’t be adequately supported by your soil, then foundations and retaining walls may need to be added – in which case you may decide on additional landscaping to keep your yard looking it’s best.

Can I choose any shape or size?

All of our pools are custom made to our client’s exact specifications, so you can choose any size, shape or depth that you desire.

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