Pools for Sloping Blocks

Are you worried you’ll never get the chance to realise your dream of owning a stunning pool, just because you live on a sloping block? Our award-winning team has created some of our most striking pools on sloping blocks in Melbourne – rest assured, anything is possible.

Why Pools for Sloping Blocks

Though it may have previously been challenging – if not impossible – for pools on sloping blocks to be installed, that is no longer the case. With the right knowledge and expertise, something truly spectacular can be created, and you can enjoy your property in a way you never thought possible.


Sloping blocks are often accompanied by jaw dropping views of your neighbourhood, lush scenery, or even ocean if you’re truly lucky. To take advantage of these beautiful views, have you considered specifically designed pools for sloping blocks?

Our personal favourite includes the negative edge or infinity design, which creates the impression of water flowing endlessly into the horizon – a luxurious statement that makes you the envy of friends and family. Another option is an out of ground pool, which is built up to the level of your decking or patio. Here, skilled landscaping can help transform your property into an area you’ll never want to leave.

However, our custom design team are more than capable of creating your pool in any shape, size or depth that you desire. To enjoy your home in a way you never dreamed, we can turn any idea into a reality.


Will the cost of the project be affected by the slope?

The steepness of your block, the quality of the soil and our ability to access your property will all contribute to the final cost. We work with you to discuss your options and pinpoint ways to save during the consultation process.

Will I need landscaping?

Whilst landscaping is by no means compulsory, pools for sloping blocks in Melbourne generally look better against a specifically designed backdrop. In addition, the retaining walls that may need to be built to support your wall will need landscaping to create a beautiful finished product.

Why are these pools so striking?

These pools often require in-depth architectural planning, which results in a more creative and inventive solution for your sloping block. Paired with stunning views, and you have a masterpiece waiting to be enjoyed.

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