Concrete Pool Builders

Our talented team are the premier concrete pool builders in Melbourne. Known for combining function with beauty, we can create the perfect pool to complement your home. From indoor to infinity, whatever design you’re looking for we can create – and with over 25 years’ experience, you can rest assured the end result will be stunning.

Inground Pools

Inground concrete swimming pools are the ideal choice if you are looking to seamlessly blend your new pool with your property. Unrestricted by size or shape, you have complete control over the design of your pool. Whether you have a vast lawn or a tiny courtyard, we can create a pool for any space.

Infinity Pools

Do you have a spectacular view you want to take advantage of? If you want the ultimate in style and luxury, then this is the pool for you. Watch the water extend into infinity as you add value to your home – these concrete pools are the ideal way to add value to your home.

Negative Edge Pools

Also known as infinity poos, negative edge pools offer homeowners the chance to make the most of their views. Ideal for properties with sloping blocks, they merge with the horizon to create the impression that your water extends indefinitely – the ultimate in luxury, they bring resort living into any home.

Lap Pools

Ideal for narrow spaces, lap pools can be a great addition to your indoor or outdoor space. Swimming laps has been proven to improve your mood and decrease activity – installing these concrete pools in Melbourne are a great way to boost both your physical and mental health for a happier you.

Pools for Sloping Blocks

Just because your home is on a slope doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful pool on your property. Our concrete pool builders are incredibly skilled in creating even the most challenging designs. In fact, with the right planning, any size or shape that you desire is possible.

Pools for Small Areas

Though backyards across Melbourne are becoming increasingly small, homeowners shouldn’t have to sacrifice their dream of having a pool. All built completely to your specifications, we can create a pool to fit within any space – from the smallest courtyard to a tiny sliver of lawn.

Indoor Pools

Enjoy your pool all year round, no matter what the weather, with a custom designed indoor pool. You’ll be protected from the elements with the freedom to swim day or night in your very own indoor oasis. These pools truly are the pinnacle of modern luxury.

Courtyard Pools

You may think your courtyard has no room for such a large water feature, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our team is experienced in bringing the ‘wow’ factor to even the smallest of space, and can custom design a concrete pool to your exact specifications.

Out of Ground Pools

Whether you have a sloping block or a deck space you’d like to take advantage of, our team of concrete pool builders can create the perfect out of ground pool for your property. Unlike above ground pools, these are built up to meet the height of your home or patio making them a beautiful feature.

Free Form Natural Pools

If you’re looking for concrete swimming pools in Melbourne, have you considered a natural shape? Their free form means they can complement any environment and are custom designed to any shape or size that you desire. We recommend rocks or pebbles for pool coping to complete their natural appearance.