Free Form Natural Pools

Are you feeling trapped by rigid shapes such as squares and rectangles? With free form natural pools, you can choose any shape that your heart desires. Our stunning pools are all completely custom designed by our award-winning team, allowing you complete freedom over the end result.

Why Free Form Natural Pools

With endless possibilities, the sky is the limit when it comes to natural swimming pools. Whether you’re looking for something with curves of for a pool that fits within an irregular space, then this is the ideal solution. Our pools are built to complement the environment around us, giving you a breathtaking result.


Given the amount of choice you have when it comes to free form natural pools in Melbourne, you’ll find no two pools are the same. Your choice of size and shape is extensive – we believe bigger is better when it comes to free form shapes, up to 15m long and 8m wide. When it comes to depth, you have endless options here as well. Swim-outs and beach areas are popular design features, allowing ease of use for everyone.

Natural pools work best with natural finishes, and our landscaping experts can work with you to blend your pool seamlessly with the environment around it. We think pebbles and earthy tones work beautifully on the shell itself, whilst natural stone such as slate or limestone can be used for the pool coping. This will ensure a finish reminiscent of a secluded lake in the great outdoors.


Are there any other additions I should consider?

This comes down to your personal tastes and budget, but we’ve found rockeries and waterfalls complement a free form pool very nicely.

What should I use for the pool surrounds?

To keep in line with natural finish, consider using stone pavers or timber decking when finishing the pool area.

What sort of properties work best with natural pools?

As our pools are all custom designed, they can be made to fit any property. That said, we’ve found the more space you have to work with, the better the end result.

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