Negative Edge Pools

Don’t be fooled by the name – there’s nothing negative about negative edge pools. In fact, with the right design, they can be truly spectacular, a work of art in your own backyard. As the height of luxury, you’ll be the envy of your friends and family, with a beautiful piece of resort living on your doorstep.

Why Negative Edge Pools

Do you have a sloped block or spectacular scenery you want to take advantage of? Also known as infinity or vanishing edge pools, they are designed to merge the water in your pool with the environment around you, making the most of your views – with no obstructions.


People love zero edge pools because they look as though the water is flowing infinitely into the horizon, rather than staying in their own backyard. Are you left wondering how negative edge pools in Melbourne achieve such as complex optical illusion? Despite the fabulous finish, the truth is it actually has a very simple solution.

One or more edges are built a fraction lower than the water level, meaning the water is continuously flowing toward the horizon. Rather than losing this water and draining your pool, there is a small catchment basin built in below the exterior walls to catch it as it spills over the side, before being circulated back into the main pool. In this sense, the water truly is flowing into infinity.

We’ve found that the larger your available space, the more stunning the end result. With a continuous length of water merging with the horizon, you have the opportunity to create an amazing piece of art in your own backward.


Can this be done on a flat block?

If you’ve fallen in love with the negative edge look, but don’t have the slope to match, don’t worry! We also build positive edge pools, in which the spill over faces your home or entertaining area instead.

Will it work with my architectural style?

While they are a modern concept, anything is possible with the right materials and finishes. Their clean lines mean they have an instantly classic look, ideal for traditional right through to the contemporary home.

Are there any access issues associated with a sloping block?

Though sloping blocks can be more challenging, our team will work with you to discuss your options and pinpoint areas where costs can be kept low early in the project.

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